The SA National Space Agency & DigitalGlobe have teamed up to launch the South Africa Earth Observation Challenge

SANSA and DigitalGlobe believe there is significant scope to increase the use of earth observation applications in both the public and private sphere, within South Africa. This will lead to a range of benefits, both in terms of commercial competitiveness as well as societal benefit. In order to achieve these outcomes, SANSA and DigitalGlobe are searching for novel uses of earth observation data gathered by satellite.

Ideas should be connected to the following themes in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Urban Resilience

  • Monitor Urban Sprawl
  • Learn Infrastructure Needs
  • Build resilience
  • Contribute to sustainable cities and communities
  • Monitor population growth

Water Security & Sustainability

  • Evaluate water resources
  • Ensure security of water to populations and habitats
  • Respond to flooding and drought
  • Understand impact of climate change
  • Evaluate watersheds

Food Security

  • Monitor cultivated areas
  • Learn land boundaries
  • Evaluate crop health
  • Understand and monitor habitats
  • Respond to deforestation

Realizing the Sustainable Development Goals with Better Data

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals will guide the global development agenda for the next fifteen years. 

This is a unique opportunity for innovative individuals and organizations to play a major role in how we measure and evaluate progress and inform the path to get to food security, good health, environmental sustainability, resilient communities, and universal human rights.

Huge opportunities available:

Qualifying submissions will receive 

  • free access to GBDX Notebooks where you will develop and run your project
  • access to business development training and mentorship
  • facilitated introductions to key decision makers with potential clients, partners and investors
  • potential access to global markets through DigitalGlobe
  • Ongoing incubation and acceleration support for space industry entrepreneurs

Judging Criteria for Proposals

Prototype Pitch
14 55%
Ease of Implementation
19 76%
Quality and Relevance
24 95%
Commercial Viability and Scalability
24 95%
14 56%

We’re looking for passionate participants who can leverage DigitalGlobe and SANSA resources to build geospatial solutions supporting these initiatives. Participant teams will have two months to transform Earth imagery into meaningful context and actionable insight for sustainable global development, business growth, and geospatial intelligence.


Step 1

1 August to 30 September 2018
Register and submit proposal

Step 2

Review of Submission and Selection
1 October to 5 October 2018

Step 3

Business Case Development Workshop
Date TBC
8 October to 4 November 2018
Selected participants will be invited to a two day business development workshop

Step 4

Business Matchmaking and Final Awards Event
5 November to 7 December 2018
Following the final demonstrations, the jury will then review the Entries and select the five winning projects to be rewarded.

The prizeS

Prizes will be awarded to the finalists:

Free 90 day subscription access to the DigitalGlobe’s GBDX Platform and the Licensed Content, subject to a subscription license agreement that will be provided to Winners are this stage - access DigitalGlobe’s 18-year, 100 Petabyte library of high-resolution, multispectral imagery, as well as pre-built machine learning and remote sensing algorithms. In addition, you can also access the latest imagery from NASA’s Landsat and ESA’s Sentinel data

Participants will receive instructions, guidance, and coaching sessions from the Partners

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