Terms and Conditions | SAEO Open Innovation Challenge
  1. Terms and Conditions

    1. 1. The intention of this challenge is to identify promising social and technological innovations that could be implemented to help support the mining industry, particularly in South Africa, but also with potential application elsewhere.

    1. 2. You are the sole owners of any and all intellectual property disclosed in this submission. Where you are not the sole owners, you must have obtained the appropriate permissions from the owners. This permission must be attached to your submission and be signed by the appropriate authorities.


    1. 3. You should not disclose any information in your submission which is deemed confidential. This may include pre-existing software, processes, systems or market research that is not publicly available.

    1. 4. We will not hold any of the partners responsible for the disclosure of information contained in this submission, which may inadvertently constitute a public disclosure. For legal purposes a public disclosure would prevent the registration of certain intellectual property rights.


    1. 5. In the event that your solution is selected, if required, a partner agreement will be signed to protect intellectual property.

    1. 6. The decisions the evaluation panel makes is final, and no further deliberation will be entered into once a decision has been finalised.


    1. 7. Late submissions may be considered only under exceptional circumstances, and with the approval of all partners. In the event of a late submission, the evaluating panel will note this in the evaluation results.